Why Growth Stream?

Take a look at the feedback from one of our key partners 'iiko', we have worked with iiko for two years and supported them in many ways from restructuring their sales process to monitoring and measuring growth month on month using our four pillar process.

Managing Director, Simon Dadswell and Sales Manager, Harrison Horne openly share the support they have received from Growth Stream, throughout our partnership we have covered multiple verticals of focus from sales coaching to measuring and monitoring growth. Iiko is still one of our leading partners amongst many of our other successful clients.

Our 4 Pillar Process

We could go on about our processes all day, but we won’t do that. Instead, we would rather show you what we can do for you so check out our videos below, or better yet, call us so that you can start growing your business without spending a penny on marketing.
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<div class="title">Touchpoint</div>
Follow Up
<div class="title">Follow Up</div>
Follow Back
<div class="title">Follow Back</div>

Since launching with Growth Stream, Sales have increased by 700%

Managing Director, iiko UK

Sales consultancy

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If you are interested in partnering up with some of the market leading experts, book your 1 Day Sales Audit with Kieren O'Connor or Costa Koizi. We will call you back to discuss the starting process and get the ball rolling. Our goal is to not only help to improve sales but to simplify the process and support your understanding in how some small changes can make a huge difference.

Fed up of the ‘one size fits all’ approach to sales consultancy?

So are we! Get in touch so we can offer you tailored advice based on our 4 pillar approach.