The Growth Stream Story

Finally, the single sales solution businesses need


Growth Stream is your shortcut to a peak performing sales function

  • Struggling to recruit the right Sales Director?

  • Spending all your time dealing with internal politics and processes?

  • Demotivated team and lacklustre sales figures?

Growth Stream are a sales solution specialist which means we are committed to providing you with an all-round sales solution, with options for whatever your business needs. We combine collaborative consultancy, 360° outsourced sales and expert recruitment in order to offer fully managed sales success.

Recruiting, training, incentivising, managing and developing your employees. The monthly battle to onboard new customers, enhance margins and innovate. The time and budget commitments you didn’t see coming. The ever-changing client demands. Sometimes 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough.

Our founders, Kieren O’Connor and Costa Koizi, have broad global experience in building companies and high-performing teams, and understand that the demands in leading a sales department never end. 

The team are passionate about transforming the sales industry, helping you meet your targets and gain those hours back!

Our approach is the culmination of years of international experience – coaching graduates into top-industry professionals, smashing multi-million sales targets and growing businesses from the top as well as from within.

At Growth Stream, Kieren and Costa have built a team that shares their enthusiasm, understands the millennial mindset and the massive challenges facing businesses competing in this digital age.


GrowthStream Kieren OConnor.jpg


Co-founder & CEO

Kieren has become one of the most sought-after sales professionals and leaders of his time, having taken multiple teams and companies to the next level. Winning awards and accredited recognition along the way, he has an unrivalled passion and drive to deliver. 

Kieren has a passion for growth and wants to provide companies with a cost-effective solution to growth in both the recruitment sector, and sales and appointment setting. He wanted to offer an alternative solution to what's on the market today.

After leaving school at 16 his Sales career sky rocketed. By 18 years old he had his own team and by 22 he took over as Managing Director of a tech startup in Austin, Texas.

GrowthStream Costa Koizi.jpg


Co-founder & COO

Costa takes leadership and sales development to the next level. 

His unstoppable mindset took him to lead teams internationally before the age of 23 and help multiple businesses find their full potential for growth. With the combination of his mindset to accept nothing but the best, and his ever-growing skills in sales development, Costa has become a master in his field. 

Costa struck a balance between university and business in his younger years. From studying a Physics BSc to selling luxury vehicles and goods internationally, discovering that his true skill was in sales development allowed him to excel past any competition.