Our Process

We were fed up of the 'one size fits all' approach to sales consultancy, so we created the 4 pillar process.


Your Structure


When do your prospects pick up the phone?

We will look at how you structure your day and assess if your current process is working effectively to support your sales and your sales budget.


Your Touchpoint


On average, how many times do you need to touch a lead before you get through to them?

In our experience, over 90% of businesses don’t have a Touchpoint process in place. We will look at your “unable to contact” rate and work out what you need to do to turn a lead into a potential opportunity instead of closing it because you can’t contact the customer. 


Your Follow Up


How many deals are you closing for being unable to contact?

80% of deals in the UK require a business to follow up on a lead a minimum of five times before a company can win the deal. We will help your Sales Team to follow up every lead and give you the best opportunity to close the deal. 


Your Follow Back


Do you review closed lost reasons? What is the average time from lead to deal won?

Following up isn’t always enough. Sometimes, your lead will come back with an excuse with why they don’t want to go ahead with the deal. Don’t give up! We will help you move forward to maximise your chances of sealing the deal. 

Fed up of the ‘one size fits all’ approach to sales consultancy?

So are we! Get in touch so we can offer you tailored advice based on our 4 pillar approach.

We could go on about our processes all day, but we won’t do that. Instead, we would rather show you what we can do for you so check out our videos below, or better yet, call us so that you can start growing your business without spending a penny on marketing.

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Follow Up
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Follow Back
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Recap & Audit
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