Sales Consultancy

Bespoke sales consultancy to help your business thrive


Some of the services we cover:

  • Sales mentoring and advice

  • Personal mindset development 

  • Personal goal setting and paths to achieving

  • Proper pipeline building

  • Team training sessions

  • Team health checks

  • Team sales coaching

With experience in selling, training and leading teams around the world, the founders of Growth Stream have won multiple awards and broken sales records globally.

Costa Koizi and Kieren O’Connor are young, enthusiastic, experienced and in a fantastic position to help you improve your sales processes, therefore helping with business growth.

As two of the most hungry and driven individuals in the field, if you’re on the hunt for expert sales consultancy or an experienced sales mentor, there’s no one better to turn to. If you’re involved in sales, business development or business leadership, we can provide you with the tools to grow your company to success. 

We understand that as the director or manager of a sales team, there’s a never-ending stream of problems that you face. These issues can range from demotivated sales teams to underperforming businesses and errors in management reporting. You know that you want results but it can be hard to know exactly how to achieve them. That’s where we come in.

We partner with you to help you find the solution that’s right for your sales team and your business. Growth Stream offer tailored consultancy work and mentoring packages that will work for your business, not generic programmes or pre-made documents. Through expert advice and personalised solutions, we will help to improve the performance of your sales team and get you the increased revenue that your business needs.

We look strategically at the sales approach of your business and offer solutions to help streamline your process and make things more efficient. Whether you’re looking to overcome a specific challenge or reach that goal you’ve been aiming for, Growth Stream have the experience and insight that you need to achieve.